Plastering kit

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System adventages
They are two complementary tools, both functioning on pneumatic power, that can work with the same compressor (It must have a minimum power of 3HP and an output of 350 l./min.)
Once the material is projected with the plaster sprayer, it can be straightened right away with the 2skim rule, leaving a more compacted surface, which will resist pass of time
We will be able to increase by a considerable percentage the surface delivered assuring a perfect planarity and avoiding air bubbles
Suitable for smaller works as well as for bigger works and, screeding and rendering
More information

From SILKWALL TOOLS, we would like to recommend the use of the most valuable working kits for plastering professionals, that will contribute to achieve better finishings, faster. It is composed by the TIGRE plaster sprayer and the 2SKIM vibrating rule.

Technical specifications