Two Skim Vibration Rule

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System adventages
Big increase of the meterage done by time unit thus reducing the cost of works.
This tool reduces incredibly the effort needed for plastering, avoiding strains and injuries.
Its use allows a better compaction of mortars, involving a harder finishing.
Regarding its size, vibration power and compatibility with compressors available in the market.
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Let us introduce a new tool for plastering of walls and ceilings. It is a new straight edge with a profile that is different to the ones in the market.

The 2SKIM straight edge has been designed to increase the productivity in plastering  by incorporating a double edge. Its  width allows to retrieve in the same tool part of the material that is normally wiped by hand from it, and at the same time it allows to eliminate superfluous movements when changing the direction of the pass. The ergonomically-shaped grip provides a firm hold for the best working, reducing tension in fingers and wrists.

The new 2SKIM can be used  either manually (in the traditional way) or in vibrating mode. This variant includes a pneumatic vibrating mechanism that allows to increase drastically its efficiency by connecting the straight edge to an independent air compressor or even the projecting machine compressor, adding extra advantages to its original function since it eliminates a big part of the effort used in plastering.

The result of all these improvements with respect to the traditional straight edges is a big increase of the meterage and a remarkable quality rise of the rendered surface due to a higher water elimination. We cannot forget a lower exposure to skimming and plastering works.

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This rule uses a compressed air based vibration system. The compressed air reaches the rule trough a flexible pipe that allows to work in a wide action range. The fast type connection attached at its end allows to connect it to any compressed air  system including that of the projecting machine.

Additionally it can be fit a valve to regulate the air flow and control its vibration. When the compressor is turned on, the vibrator placed inside the screed starts functioning, allowing the spreading and compacting of the material in the most even way. Its vibration helps to harden the material applied giving the walls with an extremely even finishing. This system can be used with different types of materials like plaster, dry mortar, single layer or manual mortars.

The vibrating mechanism  has been validated by independent certifying bodies, verifying that its vibration intensity is equivalent to orbital sanders or drills. This means that there are no special limitations regarding the time of use.

Its vibrating mechanism is simple yet effective, avoiding the repetitive passes. It also reduces the effort required.

You just have to verify that your tool has enough available surface to fix the vibrating mechanism ( For GT10 it is 85×33 mm. and for GT16 it is 112×42 mm. ).

The kit consists of.
– Vibrator (2 choices available).
– Raccords and silencer.
– Fixing elements (plate and screws)
– Flexible tube and connection spigot to air compressor.

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Its advantages could be summed up in the following Decalogue:

1 Productivity improvement: This straight edge allows to rise productivity by more than a 50% reduction in the time needed to finish any work.

2 Cost reduction: our revolutionary system allows to reduce water and material consumption up to a 40% obtaining an astonishing cost reduction.

3 Physical effort reduction. As opposed to traditional manual rules, thanks to its vibrating system, work can be done with a minimum effort.

4 Occupational risk prevention: Effort minimization helps to reduce eventual lumbar and cervical injuries.

5 Better material hardening: This system allows working with a more compact material than the one used in conventional rules, reducing the drying time and favoring a better finishing.

6 Better quality results: Our tool allows to achieve better quality works, obtaining smoother and evener wall.

7 Affinity: This product is compatible with any projecting machine or any compressor in the market.

8 Flexibility: Our product adapts to any user needs, for its dimensions may vary depending on ant professional needs.

9 Compatibility: The vibration system is also adaptable to any mortar laying rules that can be found in the maket.

10 Risk Free: Its compressed air-based system avoids any electrocution risk.

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Technical specifications
Technical Specifications Two Skim