Tigre Plaster Sprayer

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System adventages
Just connect to a compressor, regulate pressure and aim. The sprayer does the rest in a simple and convenient way.
Easy transport and convenient use in works with little maneuverability, with a much more difficult accessibility for bigger machines.
Valid for most types of mortars.
Excellent price/performance ratio. Achieve optimal results with a small investment. Absolutely indispensable in works with a reduced budget. The simplicity of its mechanism provides a really long service lifetime.
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The TIGRE plaster sprayer is a compressed air based tool used to project a wide range of mortars on walls of any type. Its presence in market of more than 60 years and a worldwide extended use prove its adaptability to plastering.

Its use contributes to an important time saving  in works, as well as a lower material waste. Its use does not require any specialization , just being a little familiar with compressor use. Thanks to this system, the mortar is projected in adjustable quantity and strength, conferring a consistency and agility to this work that is not achievable with a manual projection manually.

The use of a compact compressor is a big advantage with respect to other projecting machines of a bigger volume in works with difficult access . They bare also the suitable solution in minor works which require agility and cost containment.

Its simple yet effective mechanism respects the technical characteristics of a high variety of products guaranteeing good results even in the most technical ones.

Its cleaning and maintenance are simple and fast. You just have to immerse the sprayer in water and allow the compressed air to circulate to release the remaining plaster (it is advised to do it a couple of times during work) and cleaning with a cloth at finish. It is also recommended to extract its lateral screws regularly for a deep cleaning.

The machine is supplied with a couple of pins for the elimination of plaster in the exit holes.

Its yield is 60 m²/hour with a 1 cm. thickness.

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Plug in and start the compressor until the necessary pressure is obtained .

Connect the hoses to the machine.

Once the mortar is mixed, you just have to fill the tank and press the trigger to obtain a consistent flow of product. Air pressure can be controlled through its adjusting set.

It is recommended to apply it with a regular, upward movement for an even spraying.

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Technical specifications
Plaster sprayer for walls
- 4 holes
- 3 holes
- 1 hole
Plaster sprayer for ceilings
With handle and tank designed to avoid mortar spilling
- 4 holes
10m. rubber hose
With fast ½’ fittings and inner diameter of 10 mm. Good flexibility and long lasting.
3HP Compressor
Made in Italy. 50l. Pressure tank. It provides the required pressure and flow for the sprayer.
Pressure adjuster
Made in Europe it is connected directly to the pressure tank outlet and it matches perfectly the flow needs of this application.